At Brainpower Education our focus is to ensure that every child engages with their learning in order to achieve their full potential. We challenge children to do their best in their learning.

Our Qualified Teachers are experts in helping your child to develop into a well educated and confident young adult, who is well prepared for a fulfilling and successful life of learning.

Our environment of excellence ensures that all students can achieve!



Our educational programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our students as they progress through each Year Level of their studies. Brainpower Teachers are encouraged to build positive relationships with their students.

Good study habits, regular homework and pride in achievement are encouraged and expected at Brainpower Education. Our teachers provide their students with regular and quality feedback.

Developing initiative and personal responsibility for learning are key skills which are central to learning at BrainPower Education.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the BrainPower Education family, where our programs are guaranteed to make a difference!


"I enrolled my son Aditya, in the Year 4 Mathematics and English programs at "BrainPower"and was immediately impressed by the caring nature of his teachers . Aditya's Mathematics and Literacy skills have improved immensely and he is now one of the better students in his class at school.

Thank you "BrainPower" for making my son an enthusiastic and confident learner."         

Aparna (Parent, Glen Waverley)

"When my daughter Olivia was in Year 6, I began looking at tutoring schools to help her, as I was disappointed with her progress at school. Her teachers kept telling me she was doing well in her studies. I felt she wasn't getting enough help so I visited some tutoring schools and was surprised that several of them did not have qualified teachers in their classrooms. I was most pleased to meet John and Ivan from "BrainPower Education" who were fully qualified teachers, with many years of teaching experience between them. I liked the fact that they taught in a traditional manner as my daughter was used to this type of teaching. Knowing that she was enjoying her lessons at BrainPower gave me comfort. BrainPower Education is a results driven company and I could see improvements in Olivia's grades almost immediately!

I will be recommending BrainPower to all my friends and family!"

Yu Yan (Parent, Glen Iris)

"I wasn't happy with my son's Naplan results in both Years 3 & 5. After discussing his results with his teachers, I felt that he needed specific help to improve in some areas of Mathematics and English. Both my husband and I began researching tutoring companies. We stumbled upon some positive reviews about "BrainPower Education" and decided to give them a go. Well that was certainly one of the best decisions we had ever made! We could both see the change in our son's attitude towards his Mathematics and English lessons. As a result of "BrainPower's" expert tutoring, he now enjoys classes and is more focussed at school. As a result of this, we were very happy with his Year 7 Naplan results.

Thank you "BrainPower" for providing my son with a zest for learning again!"

Sue and Brian (Parents, Sandringham)




John Berlangieri is an experienced educator who has worked in Victorian Schools for over 30 Years. He has worked in both the private and Government sector in a variety of roles. John has worked as a Subject Teacher and Coordinator in Secondary Schools. He has also worked as a Specialist Teacher and a Year Level teacher in Primary Schools for the past 20 years. John has also worked as a successful tutor for over 30 years both in a private capacity and for tutoring colleges. 

John has studied at both Deakin University and Melbourne University in order to obtain his teaching qualifications.

Diploma of Education (Deakin University) and a Bachelor of Education (Deakin and Melbourne Universities).


BrainPower Education was established in 2018 after its founders, John and Ivan, felt there was a missing link in our education system. Schools were moving away from traditional teaching methods towards free play in both Mathematics and English classes. John and Ivan thought, "how can thousands of years of education, suddenly get it so wrong?" They both could see how children's fundamental Literacy and Mathematics skills had declined so dramatically in recent years. Naplan results in some schools were declining rather than improving. Both John and Ivan felt that they needed to do something before it was too late. In order to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge in both English and Mathematics, BrainPower Education was founded.





John and Ivan believe.........

that the teacher’s role in  Mathematics classrooms is to provide clear, step-by-step demonstrations of each procedure, restate steps in response to student questions, provide adequate opportunities for students to practice the procedures, and offer specific support when necessary.

As children construct their own understanding based on the relationship between prior knowledge, existing ideas, and new experiences, they must be encouraged “to wrestle with new ideas, to work at fitting them into existing networks, and to challenge their own ideas and those of others” so as to subsequently enlarge the framework from which new ideas may be formulated (Battista 1994; Van De Walle 2007, 23).

We aim to equip students with the Mathematical strategies necessary for their school life and real world contexts and appreciate that Mathematics is an essential and relevant part of life.

The BrainPower Mathematics curriculum provides students with essential Mathematical skills and knowledge in number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. It develops the numeracy capabilities that all students need in their personal, work and civic life, and provides the fundamentals on which mathematical specialties and professional applications of Mathematics are built.

Our curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined Mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. These proficiencies enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing Mathematical strategies to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently.

Our Philosophy

我们的理念 在BrainPower Education,我们专注于确保每个孩子都能参与他们的学习,以充分发挥他们的潜力。 我们的合格教师是帮助您的孩子发展成为受过良好教育和自信的年轻成年人的专家,为成就和成功的学习生活做好准备。 我们的目标是创造一个卓越的环境,使所有学生都能实现他们的目标!


How we started

BrainPower Education成立于2018年,其创始人John和Ivan认为我们的教育系统缺失了一环。学校正在从传统教学方法转向数学和英语课程中的自由游戏。他们都可以看到近年来儿童的基本识字和数学技能如何急剧下降,如NAPLAN和国际PISA结果所证明的那样。约翰和伊万觉得他们需要在为时已晚之前做点什么。为了给孩子们提供英语和数学方面的必要技能和知识,BrainPower Education成立。


Why Choose Us

为什么选择全球教育 我们的教育课程专门针对学生在每年学习阶段的进展而量身定制。所有课程均由VCAA课程提供支持,该课程包含澳大利亚课程和维多利亚州的标准和优先事项。 Brainpower教师鼓励他们与学生建立积极的关系。 BrainPower Education鼓励并期待良好的学习习惯,定期的家庭作业和自豪感。我们的老师为学生提供高质量的反馈。发展主动性和个人学习责任是BrainPower Education学习的关键技能。 我们期待着欢迎您和您的孩子加入BrainPower Education家庭,我们的课程将保证为您带来改变!


BrainPower Courses

脑力 课程 在BrainPower Education,我们为2至7年级的英语和数学学生提供辅导。我们的使命是为学生提供充分发挥学习潜力的机会。我们提供的所有课程都建立在一系列核心价值观之上。价值观源于多年的经验和研究。我们认识到每个学生都是独特的,并以不同的方式学习,因此我们使用各种策略来发展他们的概念理解。为了加强学习,我们在概念发展和心理实践之间找到了独特的平衡。我们的教育课程专为满足学生每年进步的需求而量身定制。 BrainPower Education鼓励并期待良好的学习习惯,定期的家庭作业和成就感。发展主动性和个人学习责任是BrainPower Education的核心技能。我们期待着欢迎您和您的孩子加入BrainPower Education家庭,我们的课程将保证能够发挥作用。


One To One Tuition

一对一的tuitioN 在我们的“一对一”课程中,我们的教师专注于为您的孩子提供高质量的个性化课程计划。他们重视让学生和家长参与确保他们实施的策略满足学生需求的重要性。 发现难以掌握新概念的学生通常会从这种个性化的方法中受益匪浅。 根据您的孩子在学习和社会发展中的位置,“一对一”学费可能是也可能不是最合适的学费形式。


Small Group Tuition

小团体课程   在小组学费期间,我们的导师与6到12岁的学生一起工作。我们经验丰富的导师确保学生能够按照自己的进度工作。小组学费通常在我们的学费中心教室进行。 小组学费有很多好处。好处可能包括:  课程比一对一的学费更实惠 儿童在协作环境中往往更有动力 儿童能够彼此分享他们的知识或问题 小组学费鼓励互动并提高社交技能 学生可以与其他志同道合的人一起享受辅导课程 他们可以与他人联络,并作为一个有凝聚力的团体更好地学习 鼓励老师和学生之间的合作。


NAPLAN Preparation

NAPLAN准备 我们提供NAPLAN准备课程。对于数学和阅读,我们关注您的孩子可能面临的问题类型。当学生练习问题时,我们会提供有关解决问题的最佳方法的指导。通过编写,我们将查看NAPLAN测试规则,并讨论确保最佳结果所需的写入组件。


Selective Test Preparation

选择性测试实践 在“选择性测试”课程期间,学生将处理与选择性入学考试期间可能遇到的问题类似的问题。我们专注于解决问题的最佳方法,以及解决问题所需的概念性理解。



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